We’re Danny and Sheri.

Mostly nomadic, we follow the Lord, wherever that leads us.  We’re passionate about the Lord and about the world, and about everything really.  Right now we’re in Pittsburgh, preparing for marriage and enjoying each other.  We’ll be married November 2nd, and from there it’s wherever the Lord leads us.  We expect to spend some time relaxing, getting used to married life, and preparing and resting for whatever future direction the Lord leads us.  We imagine this will be somewhere semi-permanent or at least regional in Central / Western / Southern Asia, following whatever passions and contacts and opportunities the Lord places in our laps.  Follow along for updates, prayer requests, and to just be there for us.  Community is important to us, and we won’t have much, moving around like we will.

To partner with us in prayer, add your email and follow us!  You’ll be updated about new posts.

To see our wedding site, go here: http://www.theknot.com/wedding/Weiss-and-Funk

To partner with us and our vision, send us an email – dweiss324@gmail.com and we’ll talk more.

To check out our older previous blogs from our World Race trip, visit dannyweiss.theworldrace.org and sherifunk.theworldrace.org

To send us contacts or opportunities or things the Lord gives you, or people you know in the places we are, also, send us an email

To hear about Danny’s recent engineering mission trip project in Chad, and to support him, again, email him.  Still in need of about $1500

In general, just send us emails.  We love emails.  And comments.  And digital file recordings of current reality show episodes (shoutout Survivor.)

More to come.  Always, there’s more to come.


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