The Next Steppe

The first week Danny and I were here in Mongolia, we met Bernard and Hazel, a beautiful UK couple in their 70s. They told us about a couple they knew who messed their lives up because they never stayed in one place; whenever they got uncomfortable they would leave and go somewhere else.  Danny and I immediately thought, ‘we could be that couple’.  LORD knowing we needed to hear those words: Impatience must be subdued by trust..

15 months later…………

We are leaving Mongolia.


These last 3 weeks have been filled with logistics, visa applications, embassy visits, unregistering, flight booking, train booking, hotel booking,  sometimes on the verge of exhaustion, an overwhelming eagerness to just get it done.  But it is finally done, and we stopped this weekend, got in a rental car with our 2 best buddies and took off through the open steppe one last time.  This is what I will miss the most about this country, LORD knows not the city.  There’s no place like Mongolia.  When you get about 30 kilometers out of Ulaanbaatar, its open road, literally, grass or dirt, you choose. Look for specs of white – gers in the distance – and head in that direction. We realized this when we were sitting in the middle of nowhere, as we looked at one another and said “Man, we’re gonna miss this place,” knowing we are leaving a country of 3 million people, and heading to one with 1.3 billion.

We’re going to India!!!!!!!! The LORD has faithfully given Danny a job with AIM, the organization who sent us on the World Race.  This time we do have a “plan“ ,but the LORD’s plans are so much better than ours, so we will go in with open hearts and open hands and just roll with it, and If there is one thing I’ll take from these last 15 months ii’s that the LORD can do whatever he wants, and sometimes that’s keeping you in a place that you didn’t necessarily want to be. But HE is faithful to give you the joy and the peace to stay, and actually want to after you get over yourself.  We can honestly say after 15 months, we love it here, and it doesn’t feel real that we’re leaving. Even the night before it still has not hit us.  Maybe it will, maybe it won’t.

I think I speak for both Danny and I that it’s just another day, no big deal, this is what we do.  Leaving is easy.  We’ll say bye, hop on the plane and leave it behind us.  I would say that’s about 90% how I feel.  And then I think about the place we called home for the past 12 months, our first home, and imagining other people living here makes me very defensive. Do they know how many memories we’ve made in this house?????  To the friends that we’ve made, who are as close to us as some who went on the World Race with us – some of them are leaving too, some will stay, knowing this is where the LORD wants them – баярлалаа Jon, Emily, Esther, Jay, Marielle, Jen and Dinara for making our time here in Mongolia so special. We thank the LORD for all of you.  Mongolia wouldn’t have been the same without you, Survivor wouldn’t have been the same without you, and language class wouldn’t have been the same without you.  As we all move into the next season, remember He who called you is faithful, he will surely do it.  This is the life the LORD has graciously given us, we are favored way beyond what we deserve. No matter where we are.  It took me awhile to open up my eyes to see this.

We’re excited, we’re ready.  We will spend the next 2 weeks traveling through the Stans in Central Asia until we head to Hyderabad until the end of August.  Our flights are booked for the States, and the plan is to live in Gainesville, Georgia through the fall.  We will spare the details because we don’t even know what the next few months will bring, but we have no fear or anxiety that it won’t be the best thing for us.  We trust each other more than ever. We trust the LORD more than ever.

дараа нь уулзая Mongolia


Esther – Emily – Jon








Argentine – Marielle – Jay


Survivor Night


Kiwi Jonathan – Jenn – Dinara



6 responses to “The Next Steppe

  1. I love yall so much. Every time Danny has called these past couple of times I wasn’t at my phone. We need to work out a date to call and chat. Send me an email so we can work it out. Miss you guys so much

  2. I love yall so much. Every time Danny has called these past couple of times I wasn’t at my phone. We need to work out a date to call and chat. Send me an email so we can work it out. Miss you guys so much Sent from my iPhone


  3. Praying for safe travels and a happy beginning for the start of your next chapter together! ❤ I'm sure there are amazing things God is going to bless you with on your next journey. Love and Prayers Sheri and Danny

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