The pacing, my mind racing – my hands were looking for things to fill them, my mind for things to do.  And people would ask me questions and my words would tumble over my smile, and trip over my heart, still lodged in my throat.  It was the same when I was about to ask her to marry me.  I was floating.

And people were showing up that I hadn’t seen in years, close close friends.  And Samson had set up his hookah, and we were taking turns puffing away the nerves.  And someone had bought me strawberries instead of a card, and they were rapidly disappearing.  And my mom was still sweeping away the barn’s last strong-hold cobwebs.


It literally rained from 2:00-2:52, and then again at about 3:55.  Our 45 minute wedding was scheduled for 3.  We walked out the aisle to the last bits of sunlight, our buddy Graham wailing his guitar and Sharon “Ho Hey”ing, and the crowd running down the hill back towards the barn, the rain starting to fall, me covered in hugs.

I was crying before the wedding even started.  Me and my men.  These guys, who have done so much for me, been so much to me.  I wrapped them each in bear hugs as they joined me up front.  And the leaves were the most beautiful shade of gold you’ve ever seen, and before you could even breathe, your bride is there, and she’s breathtakingly white.  And her flowers were like fireworks.

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We worshipped.  We read His word, His promises catching in our throats.  And we were overwhelmed by His grace, and tears rolled and we laughed and we cried as the sun illuminated only her, somehow, perfectly, as I made her my promises.  And she was the most beautiful person in the world.


That whole day was nothing short of wonderful.  We were humbled by how wonderful it was.  Blown away by how much it surpassed our expectations.  Everything went smoothly, everything was a blast, and all we felt was only joy, only peace, the whole day.  We danced the entire night.  We almost died of joy.  And the company, the support, the encouragement, was more special to us than words could ever say.  We came away covered in color, having celebrated our Indian cultural roots. Our hips were still subconsciously gyrating from Beyonce beats and pounding Mumford banjos, blasted with sweat, streaked with joy, covered in prayer.  We were so loaded with joy we weren’t sure if we’d make it.  And the night stretched on for forever.


We’ve been married for over 50 hours now.  And I can look to my left and the person sitting next to me is my wife.  My WIFE.  And we can lay around naked and shout-sing Little Mermaid songs and share stories of our childhood friends, and rest in perfect peace that this other person will always, always be there.


The Lord has been overwhelmingly good to us.  Unbelievably good.  We’ve seen His promises come alive in such vibrant manifestations this weekend.  We’ve been moved to tears just by memories of what happened, blown away by how much people mean to us, and how much they’ve invested to make this weekend so special and this marriage so grounded.  We’ve already reminisced this weekend into immortality, already checked up with our guys and girls, filling them in and trusting them to be there for us.  Already laughed the long miles away on our drives back and forth, already said our goodbyes to our lives and our homes and our families.  And we’ve prepared to leave for forever, or however long the Lord has for us, our lives once again packed into backpacks and no promise of when the next time we’ll see everyone will be.

We have become so incredibly grateful.  So incredibly humbled.  So incredibly excited.  We have fallen so much in love with our friends and family, so much in love with where the Lord is taking us, and so much in love with each other.  More love than we thought possible.  Some love that’s hard work and conscious choices and tough discussions, and some love that’s the easiest thing in the world.  And there’s a trust that I’ve never known in my life all of a sudden, and any anxiety that we’ve ever felt over the last few months in trying to make everything work, has simply just melted away.


We want to turn the world upside down.  That’s our heart for this next chapter.  We want to make ourselves available to the Spirit’s work, and love each other more than is humanly possible.  We want to glorify the Lord in our love for one another, so much so that peoples’ lives can’t help but be changed.  We want the fullness He promises His children, and we will shake the world to bits until it falls down around us.  We want the Lord to look so big in our lives that it opens peoples’ eyes with how bright He is.  We want to know the sweet fruit of an intimate relationship with the Lord, and we want to know it through an intimacy with His world and an intimacy with each other.  We want to be signposts for His Holy Kingdom, beacons for that shining city.  We want to be trumpeters of His grace, so loud that they can hear His call over their own drowning voices.  We want to foster a culture so radical that people can only thing of one Holy name to describe it.  We want to leave this earth screaming with praise, dripping with hope, hands completely empty, having given it all.  And we want to drag as many people with us, so full of hope and knowledge that they float us straight up.

So tomorrow, we’re leaving, to do just that.  And we leave with hearts practically bursting with thankfulness at what you all have made this weekend for us.  We could not imagine a family more encouraging and supportive.


Thanks for everything, we’re having the time of our lives.


Danny and Sheri


7 responses to “Wedding

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this and both of you. So honored to have gotten to celebrate with you both. YES YES YES to ALL that is to come!!!

  2. How awesome and amazing your lives will be, and yet difficult as well. But knowing that the Father will let your love be strong enough to fight through the darkest of times and fill you with the utmost joy in the best of times. There will even be meh times when there is nothing really good or really bad happening, but I know and pray that God will continue to strengthen your faith and love for Him and each other so that even when you’re both 90 years old, life and marriage will be even better than it is now!
    Much love from a couple of L squaders!
    -Josh and Jen

    • Thanks so much Josh and Jen – it’s a lot to remember that we’re always fighting on the same team, not against each other. It sure is great to have other married couple examples to follow behind though. Thanks for writing, love you guys!

  3. So nice to read this blog and be able to keep in touch with both of you!! May God bless you both in ur travels and marriage! Xoxox

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